Have you designed your “Life” Budget?

Budget?  Yes, you know that’s a roadmap for your money.  A way to understand how much is coming in and making sure you spend less so that you have some left over, or at the very least, break even.  That’s what it is to balance your budget, balance your cash flow, balance your finances.

In order to do that, you must be aware of exactly how much really does come in.  You can work with your take-home pay.  You also need to know every cent that is going out.  Specifically, what are you spending every day, every week, every month?  That’s the purpose of your daily financial budget.

“Life” budget?  What can that mean?  Once again, it’s time to assess your current life.  Are you satisfied or hungry to live bigger?  There are no right or wrong answers.  There is simply awareness and truth.  Want more security?  Want more retirement?  Maybe you want more adventure.  Or perhaps a career.  How about owning your own business (that’s when we get to work twice as hard, for being our own boss…and we like to call it “freedom”!)?

Children and their education?  Life-long learning for yourself?  Vacations can be anything from camping while raising children to exotic trips, if the money is planned for.  Sabbatical planning can take place as well.  Working for two years, while living on 2/3 of your pay, so that you can reserve the remaining thirds to fund a year of doing whatever you choose.  

CHOICES!  That has become the theme of my life and as soon as you make it your own mantra, you can create your dream life!  And voila!  Once you know your dream life, you set in motion the actions that support creating it.  For me?  Reasonably frugal resources set up for my retirement years.  Working at a reduced intensity to support my day to day cash flow needs.  

Choosing economical “immersion” trips, simply because I can enjoy extravagance in small doses, but my heart soars when I’m enjoying life with the masses, soaking up a culture somewhere in the world.  To make that happen, my home is divided into three small one-bedroom units. I live in one of those small spaces and this allows me to take more trips.  I’ve had adventures in Haiti, Peru, India, China, Russia, Uganda, Ethiopia…just to name a few.  I’m living a wonderful life!

You can design your own life, and create a ‘Life” budget that will get you there.

You can do it!  I can help.