Are you set for your Quality of Life? What Is it?

Quality of Life.  There may be a strange ring to the words, but we look at our purchases with an eye to the quality needed to fit the needs of the job it will serve.  For something to look pretty and use only once, we go to the Dollar Store.  For kitchen appliances, we want really high quality, as we hope it will serve us well, for many years.

Where does YOUR life fit in this world of quality.  Are you constantly putting yourself down, claiming a lowly station in life as just the way it is?  Or perhaps you go thoughtlessly through the days doing what you perceive as society’s expectations for you?  Or MAYBE you have awakened your brain to recognize that we create the life we live!  Our choices have consequences and rewards.  What you’re living in your life today is simply the result of choices you have made in the past.  Ouch!  Am I really responsible for the results of my life?  Yikes!  And there’s the truth of it.  If you were abused as a child, that’s on the adults around you. It was not your choice – but here’s the good news…once we leave our childhood behind us, we get to choose how we’ll live and react moving forward.  It’s a life of possibilities and choices.  

So now, I ask once again, what are you actively choosing today as your quality of life, for your tomorrows?  Define it.  Be specific,  Be aware of what your life really is Today!  Reflect gently and kindly on the actions of the past that produced where you are today.  Don’t get stuck staring back.  That’s a waste of your precious energy, looping around guilt and victim-hood and “spilled milk”.  Now, sit and dream of your future.  Look at the details of that future.  Once again, be specific.  Determine the steps and actions that will move you steadily toward that future.  Behave like it is already yours, because it is.  Act as if you make a difference, because you do.  Be grateful for what you already have, because it’s already here, even when it doesn’t look like it is.  It’s already yours!  

Choose your quality of life.  Choose your actions and attitudes to match that specific future.  Act NOW as you already are that person, already have that wonderful quality of life.  Be grateful today.  It’s YOURS!

You can choose.  

You can do it.  I can help.