SPEAK UP… with Confidence, Ease & Flow: A Conversation with Tina BQ Tran

Join Coach Sandra and Tina BQ Tran as they delve into the power of speaking up with confidence, the transformative effects of Energy Psychology, and the beauty of cultural diversity. Discover how to overcome limiting beliefs and financial anxieties, and embrace the journey of personal growth in this enlightening conversation.

In today’s digital age, the power of conversation remains unparalleled. I recently had the pleasure of hosting Tina BQ Tran on my YouTube channel, where we delved deep into the essence of speaking up with confidence, ease, and flow.

Tina, an Emotional Wellness Catalyst, uses Energy Psychology to help individuals navigate through their emotional burdens. Her journey, from Vietnam to Africa and finally settling in Canada, is a testament to her resilience and adaptability. The cultural nuances she’s picked up along the way have enriched her perspective, making her a beacon of wisdom and insight.

During our conversation, Tina highlighted the importance of differentiating oneself in a world filled with common names. She humorously shared how the ‘BQ’ in her name ensures she stands out in a Google search, a small yet significant trick for those with common names.

We also touched upon the concept of ‘Culture Sync’, a beautiful amalgamation of diverse cultures coming together in harmony. This idea resonates deeply with me, as I’ve always believed in the power of diversity and the richness it brings to any conversation.

One of the most profound moments in our chat was when we discussed the idea of limiting beliefs. These are the barriers we unknowingly set for ourselves, hindering our growth and potential. Tina’s personal story of overcoming her fear of public speaking due to her accent and perceived language barriers was truly inspiring. It’s a reminder that our perceived limitations often hold the key to our greatest strengths.

Tina also shared details about her upcoming bi-weekly workshop series aimed at reducing financial anxiety using Energy Psychology. The idea is simple yet profound: by reducing anxiety, we free up mental space, allowing for creative solutions to our problems.

In conclusion, our conversation was a beautiful dance of ideas, experiences, and insights. It was a testament to the power of open dialogue and the magic that happens when two individuals, from diverse backgrounds, come together to share their stories.

For those interested in delving deeper into the world of Energy Psychology and understanding how to combat emotional burdens, I highly recommend checking out Tina’s website.

Until next time, remember to speak up, find your voice, and do it with confidence, ease, and flow.