Unlock the Power of Your Voice: Advanced ESL Course

You’ve mastered the basics, navigated through the intermediates, and now, you’re ready to elevate your English as a second language.

Embrace Your Unique Accent
Master English with Confidence
Achieve ease and flow in your conversations.

Who Is This Course For?

Are you a professional, an executive, an entrepreneur, a manager, a leader, or a sales agent who feels like your voice isn’t carrying the weight it should in English conversations? Do these challenges resonate with you?

Feeling unheard or misunderstood?

Are your words lost in translation, not because of language, but because of clarity?

Irritation or anxiety when speaking English?

Do whispers of anxiety echo when you speak in a room full of decision-makers?

Feeling overlooked or dismissed in professional settings?

Does your voice fade in the hum of corporate giants, leaving you overlooked, or dismissed?

If you nodded in agreement, you’re in the right place.

Transform Your Accent into Your Strongest Asset

Your accent holds a captivating mystery – it’s time to unveil its power. This course isn’t just about learning English; it’s about enhancing your linguistic skills to embody confidence and authority. Discover how to:

Celebrate the uniqueness of your accent

Elevate your accent to be your hallmark of uniqueness.

Master the nuances of enunciation and pronunciation.

Refine your enunciation and pronunciation until they become your allies in articulation.

man standing near high-rise building

Grasp contextual usage for dynamic communication.

Discover the rhythm of your speech that conveys confidence and clarity.

Achieve ease and flow in your English conversations.

Develop an ease and flow in conversations that engage and inspire.

Witness quick, effective results that resonate in every word you speak.

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  • Engage in highly interactive sessions where practice and participation ignite confidence.
  • Witness quick, effective results that resonate in every word you speak.
  • Follow a clear, structured pathway designed for intermediate to advanced learners, custom-tailored to your personal and professional goals.
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  • No recordings. Only live lessons. Your learning is in real-time, your improvements immediate.
  • Small group sessions ensure personalized attention and feedback.

Why Work Together?

Leverage the insight of a seasoned financial adviser with 40 years of industry experience, who’s not just walked the corporate walk but talked the talk across the globe. With over 30 years as a toastmaster you’re guaranteed to receive:

Compassionate straight talk that drives quick results.

My approach cuts through the noise, fast-tracking your results.

An internationally lived experience that understands diverse accents.

A track record of hundreds of professionals guided to success.

Experience the power of “Toastmasters on steroids” – over 30 years of honed communication mastery.